Below are answers to our commonly asked questions.


What Kinekt system is?

KINEKT Seatpost is a simple seatpost-based isolation system designed to provide you with the most comfortable and efficient riding experience. KINEKT marries comfort with performance by optimizing both!

Does the KINEKT Post change bike fit, bike geometry or saddle height?

No. However, you will want to install the KINEKT Seatpost about 1 cm higher than a standard seatpost. This is to accommodate for the sag you’ll experience while riding.

Why is KINEKT called an ‘Isolation System’ rather than a ‘Suspension Seatpost’?

KINEKT is different than other systems because we don’t just absorb impact, we allow you to choose how you:

1- Simply Tunable
Every human body is different. We all ride different bikes; some of us even have multiple bikes! So we created a product that is simple and easy to adjust using the pre-load bolt. KINEKT can achieve any desired feel with a simple combination of spring rate (the color of the springs) and pre-load, which you can adjust yourself.
2 – Body Isolation
For the body to maintain its position and use less energy, the bike must move freely under the rider to isolate from vibrations. The goal of a suspension system it to isolate from those vibrations using spring rate, damping, and vertical travel. KINEKT is better because it has a lower spring rate, less damping, and adjustable travel.
3 – Vertical Compliance
KINEKT has more vertical travel than other suspension seatposts or systems. Not only do you get to control the amount of vertical travel, but this creates better isolation of the bike and body movement over any surface.

Will KINEKT improve my riding experience?

Yes. We truly believe so!
The KINEKT Seatpost is intended improve all riding experiences. Comfort is the most requested improvement for cyclists whether it be relief from pain, saddle sores, or fatigue. KINEKT is designed to improve your comfort, control, and confidence. If you can be more comfortable and sit on the saddle longer, you will ride further, more often, and enjoy more miles.
Performance is different for every rider. KINEKT’s unique design allows for true optimization of all performance characteristics between the bike and body no matter who the rider is. Any cycling discipline will be enhanced, from road races to hill climbs to downhills.

Will the KINEKT Seatpost fit on my bike?

Most likely! First, double check these two things:

#1- Round Seatpost

If your bike has a round seatpost then it will accept the KINEKT Seatpost system. We currently build posts in 27.2mm, 30.9mm, and 31.6mm diameters. If you have a post that isn’t one of those, don’t stress. We have shims available to help accommodate nearly any other diameter. To find your size, remove your current post. You should find the diameter printed near the bottom of the post. .

#2- 10cm of Stack Height

KINEKT needs about 10cm of space between your seatpost clamp and your saddle rails to allow for proper function. Lighter riders (<110lbs) can work with it about 8cm

What saddles work best with the KINEKT Seatpost?

Any saddle. The KINEKT Seatpost will accommodate any standard two-rail saddle.

Where is KINEKT made?

The KINEKT Seatpost is assembled in Bellingham, Washington from highest quality US and globally supplied components

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