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KINEKT is perfect for any bike, no matter what’s in your fleet.


E-Bikes are heavier and faster and transmit more vibration to the rider. Also, with pedals being assisted, more weight is placed on saddle when using an e-bike. The Kinekt Comfort seatpost helps significantly remove all the annoying vibrations to give you a smooth and comfortable ride no matter the terrain. Ride longer, with more control and comfort! The Ultimate Upgrade™!

Gravel Bikes

Tame the Terrain! Riding your favorite gravel road creates constant high frequency vibration and shock transmitted through the bike and into your body that creates fatigue and stress in the lower body. Adding a Kinekt Comfort seatpost, helps isolate you from those vibrations and allow you to relax and focus on your ride. Provides a safer ride by keeping your wheels in constant contact with the terrain. The Ultimate Upgrade™!

Everyday Biking

If just riding for fun, with your kids and out around town, a Kinekt Comfort seatpost can sooth out the cracks, potholes, and uneven terrain you encounter. Allows you to relax and reduce stress on the lower body and keep the wheels in constant contact with the ground which is safer. Give yourself the ride you deserve with The Ultimate Upgrade™!

Mountain Bike

Add a Kinekt Comfort seatpost to your hardtail Mtn bike and feel the difference it makes while climbing and descending on any trail. With our vertical compliance and friction-free travel of up to 35mm, you will feel more control and comfort on the trail. The Kinekt post helps your back wheel maintain better contact with the ground for more confidence up or down. Enjoy The Ultimate Upgrade™!


Commuter bikes typically weigh more, and riders carry more weight on the bike (work, groceries, etc.). This combined with rough roads, and obstacles, creates more vibration and shock transmitted through the bike to you. Adding a Kinekt Comfort seatpost smooths out the road ahead and lets you relax and be more comfortable and focus on staying safe on any terrain. It’s one of the Ultimate Upgrades™ you can make on your bike.

Fitness Road Biking

If you enjoy spending hours in the saddle on your favorite road ride and are tired of feeling the constant vibration from uneven roads, chip seal, and cracks then a Kinekt Comfort seatpost is The Ultimate Upgrade™! If you feel lower back fatigue, stress, and numbness from constant road vibrations, adding a Kinekt seatpost will isolate that road noise from your body and let you relax and focus on enjoying scenery. You will be amazed at the difference.

Tandem Bikes

On tandem bikes the Stoker gets the rougher ride. This is due to not being able to see the bumps ahead, as well as being more upright and having more weight on the saddle, the Kinekt Comfort seatpost is the answer for a more comfortable and relaxed ride. This means a happier experience for both riders! Kinekt tames the roughest terrain and makes for a happier couple! Get the Ultimate Upgrade™.


Fat Tire bikes create a lot of “bounce” when riding, adding a Kinekt seatpost can help to smooth that out by countering the movement and the result is a very smooth and stable ride over all types of terrain. It’s also ideal for fine tuning the fit on your bike and providing more consistent pedaling. Try it, you will love the feeling! Kinekt is the Ultimate Upgrade™.